Kallie was born on March 24th 1989. She's a thoroughbred mare who's racing name was Knockgraffen. We hear she was an incredibly good racer and that she may even hold a record! It shows even today. Kallie is an amazing horse. She's calm, sweet and fun to ride. But she is super fast and super strong. Standing at over 17h, she can only be ridden by experienced riders. Kallie was brought to the rescue in 2013 and was surrendered by her owner who had suddenly passed away and the family could no longer care for her.  When Kallie arrived at the rescue, she was underweight and head shy, though over time she has improved.



Floyd was born in 1987. He is a thoroughbred gelding who raced for 6 years in the United States very competitively. When Floyd was taken in he weighed only about 700 lbs. He was in extremely poor condition. He was incredibly under weight and neglected and was simply left in a field to starve. He now weighs around 1200 lbs. Over the summer, Floyd managed to get an spiral fracture and has been on stall rest since, but will soon be free to run with his paddock again. Floyd knows his stuff when it comes to being ridden but he is very picky about who rides him so he is only ridden by people he knows and trusts. He's enjoying his retirement here as a pet.



Dreamer is a thoroughbred horse born in 2009 as a daughter to Nika. Nika came in in foal with Dreamer from a thoroughbred brood mare farm that was closed. Nika was in terrible condition and already 4 and a half months pregnant with Dreamer. Dreamer was born at the rescue on April 29th and had 2 operations to her stomach wall as a foal. Dreamer has a large personality and tends to be quite bratty at times, though she definitely has a soft spot (if you have treats to offer her!)



Sizzle was born in 2003. People still come to the barn and remember her "Sizzle Sizzle" because she was an excellent race horse. She even has a young colt who will hopefully be as wonderful as his mom. Today Sizzle is retired on the farm but she isn't going to slow down! She is a sweet horse that requires an experienced rider simply because of her speed. She is easily recognised by her long legs, beautiful stature and her slightly nervous personality. She also has a rather large scar on her back end from an argument she had with some barbed wire.

Big Pete


Peter is a Hanoverian and thoroughbred cross and is 33 years old as of 2018. Pete came in in the year 2000 and comes across as very shy when you first meet him, but as you get to know him, he is enthusiastic and has a happy personality.



River was born on February 23rd, 1999. River is a thoroughbred retired racehorse that went by the alias Wild River Man. Because River raced, he ended up injuring himself and now has calcified fetlock joints.





Angel was born on May 13th 1983. Angel is a thoroughbred mare. She came to the rescue to retire since her previous owners feared she would end up in a bad home. Angel is 100% bombproof and very well natured. She is used for our timid beginning riders who need to build confidence. She is extremely calm, slow, and quiet when ridden in the arena but gets very excited and even a little energetic when she is out on hacks. Angel is the most easy going and agreeable horse in the barn which makes her the perfect horse for people who are nervous about riding.





Chase was born on May 28th, 2000. He is a quarter horse and fully trained in both western and English riding. Chase is an American Paint Horse. He came in 2012 after a friend had purchased him from her good friend to be used as a jumper for lessons. Unfortunately, he continued to come up quite sore and they were unable to pinpoint the cause. Due to his constant positive attitude and his ability to work with individuals in wheelchairs she asked if we would like him for our programs. We took him in and gave him some time to heal. Chase can be ridden lightly though he comes up lame often.



Mabeline (Mab) was born in 2006 (approx.) She is a thoroughbred mare standing 16h. She came to us when she was being sent to slaughter after suffering from two bowed tendons. Her incredible good looks and gorgeous movement are the first thing you notice. Mabeline had been incredibly difficult to handle at first so after getting her ready, we decided to move her on. Unfortunately, it didn't work and she was returned to us severely neglected once again. Now Mabeline is looking better then ever and has proven to be an excellent riding horse as well.



K.C is a thoroughbred gelding that arrived to the rescue from a farm in Pelham and desperately needed a home. He arrived at the beginning of the summer in 2017.



Jewels was born in 1994. She's a thoroughbred mare who suffered a knee slav and could not race. To this day she still shows signs of the injury and so will never be a jumper or used for heavy work. Jewels is proving to be a great riding horse and we know she will be a great addition to the therapy programs. She's certainly one of the most attractive horses in the barn and her sweet disposition wins everyone over. Jewels does best with people who are quiet and she thrives off calm reassurance. Jewels is a great escape artist and is often found out of her stall in the mornings.



Daisy was born in 1991. Before Daisy came to us she was kept for quite a long time on a farm where she had no contact with other horses. She could not even see other horses. She was incredibly happy to be able to be in a herd again and is now a dominant mare with her group. Her previous owner told us that he had no place to keep her and that he had to travel. He said that if we could keep Daisy with us he would sponsor her and we could use her for our children's programs. Although the man swore he would be there for Daisy, we never saw or heard from him again. We certainly do not mind. Daisy is incredibly sweet and wonderful with children. She is very quiet to ride and does well with both beginners and experienced riders. She is a wonderful addition to our programs.



Reno is an 18 year old registered American Quarter-horse. He came in from a slaughterhouse in Ottawa, Ontario. He was rescues by volunteers and Sharon and brought to the rescue to save his live. Everybody pitched in to bail him. When Reno was brought into the rescue, he was underweight. Reno's registered name is Renos Bay Roper and did barrel racing in his career.



Princess is a dark red bay born on May 3rd, 1990 in Mount Hope Ontario. She is a standard bred who harness raced and had shoulder injury from a sulky accident. Her racing name is Cheyanne. Princess's mother's name is 'Starry Lady' and her father's name was 'Happy Fella'. Princess has a sweet personality and tends to get along where everyone she meets!

Ponies and Miniatures



Apple is a white pony who arrived shortly after Spirit. Apple was terribly abused and pregnant when she arrived. The foal had to be taken from her as she was bred to a much larger horse that would have been too large to deliver. Apple's best friend Spirit assisted her in being social and in trusting people again



Spirit arrived from Peterborough, Ontario. Spirit's previous barn resided closely to a landfill and blackbears approached and killed his herd member at the time. Because of this incident, Spirit was very traumatized. After Apple arrived at the rescue, Her and Spirit became best friends and helped each other heal.



2% arrived at the barn in 2012 along with Belle and Ace. When 2% arrived along with the other two miniatures, they were untrained, and now we use them for out miniature therapy programs. 2% has a large personality and takes quite an interest in knocking your wheel barrow over as you are walking by.



Belle arrived with 2% and Ace and could easily be considered one of the sweetest animals in the barn. She works extremely well with children and elderly simply because of her relaxed, loving personality.



Caspian arrived with Dakota because they desperately needed a new forever home. Caspian is severely cow hocked and splay footed and was very weak in his back end when he arrived at the rescue. Caspian is a champagne appaloosa.



Dakota arrived alongside Caspian. He is a grey shetland cross pony who is very intelligent. He is the Houdini of the barn, meaning he can get out of anything. He is certainly an escape artist!



Houston is our newest addition to the barn, arriving in the summer of 2017. He is  an American miniature therapy horse. Houston was born in Tennessee on October 23rd, 2006. Houston has a typically reserved personality and prefers to stick around Oliver (the pig) then the other horses.



Ruby arrived at the rescue in 2013 with Lucky. Both were under nourished, blanketed with burrs, and much later we found out that Ruby was in foal. Ruby gave birth to Malakye at the rescue on July 13th in 2014. Ruby is currently 35 years old as of 2018 and is is very lovable. Ruby is now Houston's best friend.



Sailor arrived from the Waterloo-Kitchener auction in 2006. Today this incredible little pony has shown us that he knows it all. He is excellent for riding, if you are small enough and experienced enough. He can do walk, trot, canter, jump and is amazing on hacks. This little guy is not just good looks! Sailor and Apple are BFF's!



Chloe arrived at the barn in 2011 after being dropped off in the driveway. Chloe is a Shetland Cross and is a champagne palomino. Chloe's birthday is April 23rd, 1997. She is blind and has a thyroid condition, but is a very loving and affectionate horse. Chloe's best friends are Boomer and Sailor.







Mal is only the second horse to be born at LCHPR! He was born on July 16, 2014 to mother mini, Ruby. When we took Ruby in she was three and half months pregnant but she was so thin it was impossible to tell. Now Malakye is a rambunctious 4 year old and loves to play with the other minis!



Ace arrived with Belle and 2% and proves to be an excellent addition to our rescue. When Ace arrived, he was quite shy, but over time he began to warm up and trust people a little more everyday. When you first meet Ace, he'll come across as though he's very shy and reserved, but once you get to know this little guy he'll begin to put more trust in you and warm up.

Prince and Penny



PRINCE is a gentle chestnut miniature horse who was left behind with other livestock after the sale of a local farm. Left unattended it is believed that some young boys decided to ride him. Because of their size and weight Prince suffered a dislocated shoulder that did not get immediate attention. Upon his arrival to the Rescue our veterinarian examined him and decided there was too much scar tissue to do x-rays at the time but did put him on medication that acts as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Once the swelling comes down our veterinarian will come back to do x-rays and hopefully be able to decide on a procedure to correct his shoulder.



PENNY is a white and brown miniature horse believed to be around 15 years old. Penny came to the attention of the Rescue through the Donkey Sanctuary in Puslinch Townshp. 

The Donkey Sanctuary had been called in by their local SPCA about an animal cruelty situation that involved a number of miniature donkeys. When they arrived they found Penny nursing an 8-month-old miniature donkey. They approached Last Chance about taking Penny in who is again pregnant and who has never really been socialized. Hopefully over time she will learn to trust and realize we are there to care and love her.



Quinsey, our baby Mule, was born to Penny on April 2, 2019

Other Friends