Youth helping horses

What Makes LCHPR So Special?

Last Chance Horse and Pony Rescue and Sanctuary has always been a very special place for our young horse lovers to visit.  Over time, we have realized, that not only are the kid that visit us helping the horses and ponies, but the animals are helping the kids!

Below, are some testimonials from some of our recent youth volunteers, about how important LCHPR is to them.   

" The rescue is an amazing place! In a few short months I have watched my 11 year old daughter flourish and become so much more engaged in everything. When we started at the rescue Shyanne was a quiet girl who loved horses and ponies with a very absent social life. Being at the rescue Laurie and all the teens adopted her in. They taught her not only things about the animals but how to have confidence in herself♥️ so grateful to all the Saturday afternoon gang you have no idea how much you all have blessed us thank you💞 "

"The rescue is an amazing and quiet place for many people to de-stress and let their hair down. The rescue has helped many individuals with many different stories, from mental health to physical health the rescue helps all."

" The rescue is a very welcoming place. We’re all like one big family. If any of us need anything we’ve got each other. That’s what it’s all about. Helping people and the horses. The horses got rescued and are in a great place and the people got rescued. A lot of our volunteers are individuals with mental health or physical health. The rescue allows me and my friends to be our selves. We don’t need to put fake faces on to be there. I feel invisible a lot. But when I’m there I know that I’m being seen and heard! The rescue is my other home and I don’t know what I would do without it. The horses are one of the only things that calms my anxiety and allows me to give tours of the barn, etc. "

" Over a year the rescue has helped me a lot with my anxiety and my depression. It’s also helped me find a place to collect myself and have a purpose. People at the rescue has helped me and taught me many things about these horses and their Personally I have gotten a connection with a Horse at the front of the barn named dreamer. whenever I get anxiety I just go to her and she’ll just rest her head on me and let me know that I’m all right and that I’m safe and everything will be all right.

I am also work with Malakye to be a rideable pony for the Ridgeway fest or other festivals that we go to. Malakye has helped me through my depression he’s shown me that even if you’re upset you can always find a way to be happy like he always gives me these weird faces. He just cracks me up. It’s the best place to be. The rescue is a family and we welcome anyone that would like to join the family. "

A Message from Laurie Kroeker-Brooks, Volunteer and Teen Advocate

PLEASE ENJOY THIS VIDEO!! As you all know I am a volunteer at Last Chance Horse And Pony Rescue. This is usually the time of year that we do our major fundraisers and give tours of the barn. However due to COVID our events have been cancelled. I am trying to show my teens that there is a way for us to help without actually physically being there. The volunteers are teens, kids, retirees and people with special needs. We work as a team. This rescue not only rescues animals but it rescues PEOPLE too. I will have some of my teens post what the rescue has done for them here in the comments. Please if you are able donate via e-transfer to and I will send the money on behalf of my teens. Even a $5 donation buys a bag of shavings. Every little bit adds to the total. Thanks
Let’s show them anything is possible. 

 “My teens” have been working hard on this. For those who missed the opportunity to donate the first time and lost the post here is your second chance. Even $5 helps as it buys a bale of hay!! These kids love and live this place. They are quite lost without going there right now but this has kept their hearts a little better knowing they are helping. This rescue not only saves animals , it saves people too!!