Penny has her baby - Quinsey

On the morning of April 2, the Last Chance barn awoke to a new addition, Quinsey, a male Baby Mule.


Penny was rescued BY THE DONKEY SANCTUARY OF CANADA on a request by the local SPCA.  They then took Penny to the safety of their Donkey Sanctuary for her protection.  The Donkey Sanctuary then approached Last Chance Horse and Pony Rescue to inquire about giving Penny a forever home.  WE DID!  

Prince's Story

Prince's Story  from Cogeco YourTV

Our Newest Minis -Penny and Prince

Prince is a gentle chestnut miniature horse who was left behind with other livestock after the sale of a local farm. Left unattended it is believed that some young boys decided to ride him. Because of their size and weight Prince suffered a dislocated shoulder that did not get immediate attention. Upon his arrival to the Rescue our veterinarian examined him and decided there was too much scar tissue to do x-rays at the time but did put him on medication that acts as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Once the swelling comes down our veterinarian will come back to do x-rays and hopefully be able to decide on a procedure to correct his shoulder.

Penny is a white and brown miniature horse believed to be around 15 years old. Penny came to the attention of the Rescue through the Donkey Sanctuary in Puslinch Townshp. 

The Donkey Sanctuary had been called in by their local SPCA about an animal cruelty situation that involved a number of miniature donkeys. When they arrived they found Penny nursing an 8-month-old miniature donkey. They approached Last Chance about taking Penny in who is again pregnant and who has never really been socialized. Hopefully over time she will learn to trust and realize we are there to care and love her.

A Horse Doesn’t Care How Much You Know, Until He Knows How Much You Care