those we have lost

Pokey - Our Honourable RCMP Horse


Sadly, we lost our dear friend, Pokey, on

July 12, 2019.

Pokey found his forever home at Last Chance in 2012, where he was loved and cared for by so many wonderful people.

Pokey as a gentle sole, and will be missed by all, especially Sharon and Renay!

Pokey's Bio:

Pokey was born in 1984. He is a registered Morgan. Pokey's first career was as an RCMP horse. Unfortunately, he suffered injuries when he was struck by a car while on duty. Pokey was given to a new home, but unfortunately, because he could not be ridden,  they quickly took him out of that situation and asked if we would take Pokey in and allow him to properly retire and be among children. 



Our gentle girl, Bella, is missed daily.



Lucky left us nearly 4 years to the day that he joined us, on a cold November afternoon. He became our guiding light while he was at the Rescue. He was the first to greet Sharon every morning when she entered the barn. He represented everything the Rescue stands for. We'd like to think that the last 4 years Lucky spent with us were 4 of his happiest. Lucky was a guardian angel to Ruby, her foal Malakye and Nika. R.I.P. and run free Lucky you will be missed. 



 1997 - 2017. When a brood-mare farm was being closed down by the SPCA, Sharon was contacted and asked if she could help. Site un-seen, Sharon chose Nika (a very underweight and pregnant Nika). Shortly after she arrived, Nika gave birth to a healthy Dreamer. She was an amazing horse to ride and used for beginners to advanced riders. She had an excellent temperament and fit perfectly with the LCHPR programs. 



Sundance was born in 1981, which meant that for a long time he was the oldest in the barn. When Sundance first came to us in 2002 he was the worst case the rescue had ever seen. So incredibly gentle and, eventually, such a wonderful success story, he became a popular boy in the barn. He continued to have difficulty walking but at LCHPRhe thrived. Often seen wandering the front yard, Sundance became the best horse in the world to be around and was left do whatever he pleased. He certainly had earned it. 



 Queenie, was a thoroughbred mare who raced at Fort Erie Race Track. Because of an injury, and age, her owners ended her racing career and she was left here on the farm. Queenie's personality was never that of a race horse, rather she was calm and quiet and easy to work with as a riding horse. 



1991 - 2017. Lady was a thoroughbred mare who was once called "Pink Lady", a big name in the racing world many years ago. After her racing career ended, Lady became a broodmare. Once she could no longer be used as a broodmare, Lady was in need of a home. So she came to LCHPR. Lady wass a super sweet and affectionate girl who absolutely adored being ridden. Under saddle she acted like a youngster again! She was very calm and a pleasure to ride. 

Sunny D


1985-2016 Sunny D came to us when his owners found themselves in a situation where they needed to move him. With no place for him to go, they asked if we could help. Originally Sunny D was a lesson horse and a trail riding horse. He was severely over worked and over used during parts of his past. His previous owners wanted to make sure he could retire in peace. When he arrived, Sunny D had a very noticeable sway back from being ridden so much.  On first meeting he seemed like a big grouch, but once you got to know him he was a very sweet boy. 



Hope was born in 1998 (we think). She was a Percheron mare, and was loved by all. When she arrived she was in horrible shape. So horrible, she could barely walk into the barn. She was grotesquely underweight, covered in cuts and scars. Her feet were so overgrown she could barely walk. She had electrical tape around one hoof and her tail had been shaved off. Hope was terrified to leave her stall and extremely aggressive to other horses (for fear they would take her food or her home) since she had not been exposed to life with other horses in an environment where she didn't have to fight for food to survive. It took plenty of time, effort, money, and care to make Hope healthy and happy again. Hope will missed by everyone that visited the barn and saw what a special horse she was.