Thank You to our Current Corporate Sponsors

Sponsor a Horse

Here at Last Chance Horse and Pony Rescue we have developed a sponshorship program to help with the costs of caring for our horses and ponies. The cost of a sponsorship is $100.00 per month.

This does not entitle you to any ownership rights whatsoever, but it does give you the opportunity to bond with the animal you have sponsored.

You may visit our farm any day you choose to spend time with that animal or with the whole barn. If you have sponsored an animal that is rideable, and you have experience, the opportunity to ride may also be available. Animals may be sponsored by one individual, a group, or even a company who may choose to sponsor in the name of a child who cannot not afford a sponsorship. For our Corporate Sponsorship Program, we are asking that the donation be $150.00 per month which includes structured riding lessons for the sponsored child.

Horses are a very expensive hobby and many indivduals are denied the pleasure of being with horses because of a lack of funds. To us, this simply doesn't seem fair, so we have set up this program to allow people who love horses to be around them despite their financial situation. Even if you may not be able to visit the animal you have sponsored, you will know that your generosity is helping to provide that animal with the best care, and that a child in our community now has the opportunity to be around these beautiful creatures. Without LCHPR, they may never be given the chance.

Sponsor a Program

Corporate Sponsorship

Last Chance Horse & Pony Rescue and Sanctuary would like to invite companies and corporations to be an essential part of our organization. Corporate sponsorship is $200.00 per month or $2000.00 annually. For your generosity, your company will receive:
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Nothing can mend a broken heart,
quite like the sound of their distant hoofbeats.

Nothing can soothe an aching body,
quite like the touch of their velvet muzzle.

Nothing can heal a wounded soul,
quite like the moments you spend with your horse.