Our Horses & Ponies

Our Horses

Mab was born in 2006 (approx.) She is a thoroughbred mare standing 16h. She came to us when she was being sent to slaughr after suffering from two bowed tendons. Her incredible good looks and gorgeous movement are the first thing you notice. Mab had been incredibly difficult to handle at first so after getting her ready, we decided to move her on. Unfortunately she ended up with the wrong people and was not cared for properly. After being moved on without our knowledge from these people, we went on the hunt for her. She ended up at a place where we thought she would be safe. Again, this turned out to be the wrong people for her. She was severely neglected once again and we of course took her back. (Please see: Why we do what we do). Now Mab is looking better then ever and has proven to be an excellent riding horse as well.

Chase was born in 2000. He is a quarter horse and fully trained in both western and English riding. Chase came from a friend of our's who had purchased him from her good friend to be used as a jumper for lessons. Unfortunately, he continued to come up quite sore and they were unable to pinpoint the cause. (He does have very very mild navicular but this was not the issue.) Due to his incredibly sweet nature with people and his ability to work with individuals in wheelchairs she asked if we would like him for our programs. We took him in and gave him some time to heal. He is now totally sound and we use him for lessons, programs, etc. He can even jump small x's without becoming sore. We hit the jackpot with Chase!

Floyd was born in 1990. He is a thoroughbred gelding who did in fact race. When Floyd was taken in he weighed only about 700 lbs. He was in extremely poor condition. He was incredibly under weight and neglected and was simply left in a field to starve. He now weighs around 1200 lbs. Floyd knows his stuff when it comes to being ridden but he is very picky about who rides him so he is only ridden by people he knows and trusts. He's enjoying his retirement here as a pet.

Kallie was born in 1994. She's a thoroughbred mare who's racing name was Knockgraffen. We hear she was an incredibly good racer and that she may even hold a record! It shows even today. Kallie is an amazing horse. She's calm, sweet and fun to ride. But she is super fast and super strong. Standing at over 17hh, she can only be ridden by experienced riders. Kallie was brought to us by her previous owner because he knew the barn she at was not caring for her properly. Despite having come to us underweight, covered in rain rot, and clearly mistreated (she is still a lttle head shy, but improving all the time) she has quickly settled in and is now looking as gorgeous as she did when she raced. She has even surprised us by being a great trail horse.

Jewels was born in 2005. She's a thoroughbred mare who suffered a ligament injury and could not race. To this day she still shows signs of the injury and so will never be a jumper or used for heavy work. Jewels is proving to be a great riding horse and we know she will be a great addition to the therapy programs. She's certainly one of the most attractive horses in the barn and her sweet disposition wins everyone over. Jewels does best with people who are quiet and she thrives off calm reassurance. Jewels is a great escape artist and is often found out of her stall in the mornings.

Angel was born in 1991. She came to the rescue to retire since her previous owners feared she would end up in a bad home. Angel is 100% bombproof and very well natured. She is used for our timid beginning riders who need to build confidance. She is extremely calm, slow, and quiet when ridden in the arena but gets very excited and even a little energetic when she is out on hacks. Angel is the most easy going and agreeable horse in the barn which makes her the perfect horse for people who are nervous about riding.

Bella Bio to be updated shortly.

Daisy was born in 1991. Before Daisy came to us she was kept for quite a long time on a farm where she had no contact with other horses. She could not even see other horses. She was incredibly happy to be able to be in a herd again and is now a dominant mare with her group. Her previous owner told us that he had no place to keep her and that he had to travel. He said that if we could keep Daisy with us he would sponsor her and we could use her for our children's programs. Although the man swore he would be there for Daisy, we never saw or heard from him again. We certainly do not mind. Daisy is incredibly sweet and wonderful with children. She is very quiet to ride and does well with both beginners and experienced riders. She is a wonderful addition to our programs.

Sizzle was born in 2003. People still come to the barn and remember her "Sizzle Sizzle" because she was an excellent race horse. She even has a young colt who will hopefully be as wonderful as his mom. Today Sizzle is retired on the farm but she isn't going to slow down! She is a sweet horse that requires an experienced rider simply because of her speed. She is easily recognised by her long legs, beautiful stature and her slightly nervous peronality. She also has a rather large scar on her back end from an argument she had with some barbed wire.

Pokey was born in 1994. He is a registered Morgan. Pokey's first career was as an RCMP horse. Unfortunately, he suffered injuries when he was struck by a car while on duty. Pokey was given to a new home where he was to retire. Unfortunately again, Pokey's new home wanted to use him for a form of riding that required severe alterations to his feet which caused extreme damage to his hooves and legs. When his RCMP owners learned this, they quickly took him out of that situation and asked if we would take Pokey in and allow him to properly retire and be among children. We are still correcting the physical damage that was caused to Pokey and still he gets sore from time to time but he is doing really, really well. He can be ridden, but he is, by far, the most stubborn horse in the barn.

Princess was born in 2003. She is our only Standardbred in the barn. During her training, Princess was involved in a sulky collision that severely injured her shoulder. Although it can still bother her sometimes, her injury is healed and she can now be ridden. Princess is always a quick favourite in the barn, especially among the teenaged girls who visit. She is very affectionate and will rest her head on your shoulder. Princess is a good girl to ride but she is still learning. She is very good at puting her tongue over her bit so we use a bitless bridle on her. She responds wonderfully to it.

River was born February 23rd 2003. He is a thoroughbred gelding and his racing name was Wild River Man. River did very well as a race horse but he suffered some injuries that ended his career. After coming to the rescue, River was given the time off that he needed to heal. He has proven to be a very good riding horse but because of his strength, and big personality, he is not for beginners. River quickly bonds with people who spend a lot of time with him and the more you do with him the better he is for you. Many people say that he feels like a big warmblood when you ride him because of how strong he is. Although currently he has not been worked into our riding therapy program, he is excellent for our more experienced visitors.

Dreamer was born here at LCHPR on April 29th, 2010. Her mother is Nika. Dreamer is a tall, lean thoroughbred mare. She has not been ridden yet, as we wanted to give her enough time to grow, but she will begin training this year. Dreamer had her moment in the spotlight in 2011 when she underwent surgery to correct an umbilical hernia. The surgery was done right in the front of our barn and was a big success. We hope that Dreamer will be just like her mother which will make her a great addition to our programs. Today Dreamer is a very sweet, very energetic and very, very accident prone little 2 year old. We are excited to watch her continue to grow up.

Pete was born in 1994. He is a thoroughbred, Hanovarian cross. Pete did very well as a dressage show horse for many years. His previous owner decided it was time for him to retire. She did not want him to be in the show ring any more but she was worried if she found him a new home, that's what would happen. For fear that Pete would not get a good home, his previous owner approached the rescue in hopes that Pete could retire here and be used in our therapy programs. Pete is now here to stay and he is one of the best horses in the barn to ride! He can be ridden by anyone — from children with disabilities to advanced riders. Although he enjoys being ridden, Pete's always happiest when hacking.

Reno Bio will be updated shortly very soon!

Tron (Megatron) Bio will be updated shortly very soon!

Our Ponies

Dakota came to us with Caspian during the summer of 2014, by the SPCA, after being taken from a farm where there were being neglected. Dakota has proven to the the "Houdini" of the barn, being able to escape almost any enclosure, as well as letting some of the other horses loose. He is very good natured, and always brings a smile to your face!

Caspian came to us with Dakota during the summer of 2014 (see above). Caspian had been hobbled, and now when he arrived, had trouble walking. He is now a healthy and happy pony, and very gentle. Usually he can be found following Dakota during his antics.

Spirit is a pony who was born in 2002. He was being kept at a farm north of here. One evening while Spirit and another herd member were thethered to a fence post they were attacked by a bear. Although Spirit's herdmate did not escape, Spirit did. He made a run for it and was later found at the side of the highway, presumably after being struck by a vehicle. All that remains of that day is a lump on his withers. Spirit is a mischevious pony but is very, very sweet. He intently looks after his friend Apple (they even must be kept in the same stall). Spirit enjoys being used in pony rides and is excellent for the kids to groom.

Apple is a Welsh pony. She was born in 2000. Apple was severely abused by a previous owner. She was badly neglected, underweight, her feet heavily overgrown. She was even bred to a full sized horse. The foal had to be taken from her prematurely because she would have died had she carried it to term simply because of her size. When Apple first arrived she was incredibly shy, and absolutely terrified of people. With Spirit's help (she will not leave his side) she was able to learn to trust again. Although she is still leary of men she does not know, Apple has completely changed. She is very friendly and affectionate, especially with children, and is certainly one of the cutest in the barn.

Chloe is a pony who was born in 2006 (we think). We do not know much about Chloe's history. She was left in the driveway of the rescue when she was about 3 years old. There was a note attached to her stating that the owner could no longer care for her. Chloe is partially blind and may be fully blind in the future. Although we cannot use her with the programs for things other than grooming, she still deserves to have a good life. Chloe is very sweet and a very different colour from what you would normally see.

Sailor is a 10hh pony. He was born in 2006 (approx.) Sailor was sold to a slaughter house at an auction after being ridden by a very young boy for everyone to see. After seeing how good he was, we knew he could not go for meat. Sharron approached the man who baught Sailor for slaughter and offered to buy him. The man demanded even more money. Sharron willingly paid up and even climbed on to the trailor (full of large horses) and got Sailor to safety. Today this incredible little pony has shown us that he knows it all. He is excellent for riding, if you are small enough and experienced enough. He can do walk, trot, canter, jump and is amazing on hacks. This little guy is not just good looks! We can't wait to see him take some of our kids to schooling shows.

The Miniatures

Malakye is growing and changing every day! He is now almost the size of his mom, Noelle, and is now WHITE! Mal is the first horse to be born at LCHPR! He was born on July 16, 2014 to mother mini, Noelle. When we took Noelle in she was three and half months pregnant but she was so thin it was impossible to tell. See more of Malakye's story: thanks to Lauran Sabouran and all the awesome folks at CHCH News for this piece done by CHCH News Starving horse has a baby, or Her little pony by the St. Catherine's Standard, or more pictures of the little tyke on our facebook page

Noelle is a miniature horse, one of two animals left in the driveway of LCHPR in November of 2013. Noelle was abandoned along with her partner Lucky. See the story of these two horses and how they were saved by LCHPR on this CHCH news segment. Both Noelle and Lucky are doing much better now and continue to improve.

The Minis are our most recent additions. Belle (born in 2012), 2% (born 2012) and Ace (born 2011/12). We were approached about these little guys when a local farm was about to have all their minis taken to auction. We agreed to take in two but when we heard that 2% was facing a bitter end due to a leg injury we decided to take him as well. 2% had been kicked in his rear leg (so we think) causing a dislocation which made him walk with a peg leg for quite some time. It has now totally healed. These little guys are excellent for those who are more timid with the big horses. We find them very therapeutic for nervous individuals. Their size is less intimidating.

...and the Rest of our Friends!

Boomer was born in 2009 (we think). He is a miniature donkey. He's like our mascot. Boomer has a huge personality and is very, very friendly. He and Sailor are always getting into trouble together. We took Boomer in when his previous owners could no longer keep him. He is a really big hit with the kids who come through our barn.

Charlie Photo & Bio will be updated shortly very soon!

Those We Have Lost: Rest In Peace

Lucky left us nearly 4 years to the day that he joined us, on a cold November afternoon. He became our guiding light while he was at the Rescue. He was the first to greet Sharon every morning when she entered the barn. He represented everything the Rescue stands for. We'd like to think that the last 4 years Lucky spent with us were 4 of his happiest. Lucky was a guardian angel to Ruby, her foal Malakye and Nika. R.I.P. and run free Lucky you will be missed.

Lucky is one of two animals left in the driveway of LCHPR in November of 2013. Lucky, a quarter horse, was abandoned along with his partner Noelle. See the story of these two horses and how they were saved by LCHPR on this CHCH news segment. Both Lucky and Noelle are doing much better now and continue to improve.

Nika 1997 - 2017. When a brood-mare farm was being closed down by the SPCA, Sharon was contacted and asked if she could help. Site un-seen, Sharon chose Nika (a very underweight and pregnant Nika). Shortly after she arrived, Nika gave birth to a healthy Dreamer. She was an amazing horse to ride and used for beginners to advanced riders. She had an excellent temperament and fit perfectly with the LCHPR programs.

Lady 1991 - 2017. Lady was a thoroughbred mare who was once called "Pink Lady", a big name in the racing world many years ago. After her racing career ended, Lady became a broodmare. Once she could no longer be used as a broodmare, Lady was in need of a home. So she came to LCHPR. Lady wass a super sweet and affectionate girl who absolutely adored being ridden. Under saddle she acted like a youngster again! She was very calm and a pleasure to ride.

Sunny D was born in 1985, making him the oldest horse in the barn at the time of his passing in February 2016. Sunny D came to us when his owners found themselves in a situation where they needed to move him. With no place for him to go, they asked if we could help. Originally Sunny D was a lesson horse and a trail riding horse. He was severely over worked and over used during parts of his past. His previous owners wanted to make sure he could retire in peace. When he arrived, Sunny D had a very noticeable sway back from being ridden so much. Over time he has lost his hay belly and his back has improved. Sunny D is no longer ridden but he still enjoys the attention of being groomed and spoiled. On first meeting he seems like a big grouch, but once you get to know him he is a very sweet boy.

Hope was born in 1998 (we think). She was a Percheron mare, and was loved by all. When she arrived she was in horrible shape. So horrible, she could barely walk into the barn. She was grotesquely underweight, covered in cuts and scars. Her feet were so overgrown she could barely walk. She had electrical tape around one hoof and her tail had been shaved off. Hope was terrified to leave her stall and extremely aggressive to other horses (for fear they would take her food or her home) since she had not been exposed to life with other horses in an environment where she didn't have to fight for food to survive. It took plenty of time, effort, money, and care to make Hope healthy and happy again. Hope will missed by everyone that visited the barn and saw what a special horse she was.

Sundance was born in 1981, which meant that for a long time he was the oldest in the barn. When Sundance first came to us in 2002 he was the worst case the rescue had ever seen. So incredibly gentle and, eventually, such a wonderful success story, he became a popular boy in the barn. He continued to have difficulty walking but at LCHPR he thrived. Often seen wandering the front yard, Sundance became the best horse in the world to be around and was left do whatever he pleased. He certainly had earned it.

Queenie, was a thoroughbred mare who raced at Fort Erie Race Track. Because of an injury, and age, her owners ended her racing career and she was left here on the farm. Queenie's personality was never that of a race horse, rather she was calm and quiet and easy to work with as a riding horse.