Last Chance Horse and Pony Rescue and Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates abused horses and ponies which, in turn, help children and adults in our community through their healing powers.

About Us

Here at LCHPR we take in abused, unwanted, and neglected horses and ponies, rehabilitate them, and give these wonderful animals a second chance as therapy animals and educators.

Children and adults with disablilies come to our farm to experience the healing power of our equines. They groom them, feed them, and even ride them, and thus are given the opportunity to bond with these animals. We also have foster groups, school groups, and local children from our community that come to visit us. We also run many educational programs to teach individuals everything they need to know about proper horse care.

The world of horses is expensive and requires special skills. Because of this, many are denied the opportunity to become involved with them. Our sponsorship programs give people the opportunity to have the experience of being with these animals without the incredibly high cost of owning them. Our facility allows anyone, despite their income or experience level, the benefits of being with a horse or pony.

Mission Statement

Our main mission is to educate our community about these amazing animals in the hope that this teaching will one day end the need for horse rescues.

We also aim to give horses and ponies a safe and happy home where they can recover from injury and neglect and learn to trust people again, and insure that they never have go through the same hardhships again.